Model & Tattoo Artist

Photos & Interview by Justice Howard

SG: You are a tattoo artist yourself.  How long and  where do you  work?

 AB: Yes, I guess you can call me a baby boomer. I have only been tattooing for 6 years but I have been fortunate enough to have amazing artists take me under there wings. I am currently working at Knuckle Heads Tattoo in Redlands, California but you will find me at conventions all over. I specialize in traditional but my goal is to become a more versatile artist. I enjoy all types of tattoo art.

 SG:  The Harley Grapevine told  us you are on Sons of Anarchy. Can you  expound on that?

 AB: Yeah Haha! I have done a lot of background work needing a crazy tattooed girl. I fit that role too good, so good I have done a lot more shows and looking forward to doing a lot more.

 SG: Please tell us little about your interests and about your favorite bands.

 AB: Most of my interest in music is due to growing up as a concert kid, attending shows with my mom. My music preference can vary anywhere from Stray Cats, Guns and Roses, and The Steve Miller band to GuanaBatz, The Misfits and topping it off with a cherry on the cake, Carrie Underwood.

 SG:  What made you want to get tattooed?

 AB: To be honest, my mom had a brother who was in and out of prison my whole life. Every time he came home he had new art work that just amazed me. Its weird because I was always anticipating him coming home just so I could see his new body artwork. When family wasn’t so happy, I was ecstatic to see him. We had long conversations about how they made tattoo machines and ink inside the prison to how dangerous the risks could be just to give one or receive one. And that’s when I knew I was going to eventually have body art.

 SG:  When did your interest in tattoos begin? And how long was it from thenuntil you got your first one?

 AB: My interest in tattoos came from a very young age like I said, but I was able to sneak off and get my first tattoo at a friends house when I was 15. Knowing it was bad because it was on a kitchen counter top I still went through with it. And when it was done I felt like a complete bad ass. A rebel without a cause.

 SG:  Do you regret any of your tattoos?

 AB: YES I DO!! I did the ultimate tattoo no-no. Yep, I am guilty I branded myself with a boyfriend’s name. That’s all I have to say about that.

 SG: Whats your favorite sexual position?

 AB: My favorite sexual position, of coarse is on top silly. So I can access and control the whole situation because that’s where my goals are going. They are always on top!

 SG:  Youve done alot of  modelling tell us about some of your work.

 AB: When it comes to modeling I have been in a handful of tattoo magazings for the past 4 years but my main modelling project I would have to say is an all girl group who is fun and spazmatic called The Crazy Ladyz.  Just think, a now-a-days Pink Ladies Club from the movie Grease, but with tattoos & stilletos. One may find us at tattoo conventions, car shows, and music events. Basically, quick to see, causin’ fun and havoc where ever we go, but being a good influence for young women to be strong and successful, and sexy but classy at the same time.

  SG:  What do you think about the rise of tattoo, is it a fashion fad or anew breath  for the body culture?

 AB: I think that for some people, it is a fashion fad. But that’s ok, to each their own, everyone should have the opportunity and choices to do what they want to their skin or bodies. But as for a breath of fresh air for the body culture, yes! We have all seen it evolving for years, but so thrilled that society has caught up with us. Which has caused for better technology to make our jobs easier. I am glad to see that society is more accepting to the choices that people make to covering their bodies with artwork then thinking that we are just a bunch of crazy asses.

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